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Jun 01, 2017| Uncategorized

PTSD Awareness Month. Learn. Connect. Share.

Help Raise PTSD Awareness

Spread the word!

Join our efforts to spread the word about PTSD and effective treatments during PTSD Awareness Month. Everyone makes a difference. Share our printable PDF: Help Raise PTSD Awareness.

Learn: PTSD Treatment Works

Share: Spread the Word!

  • Pass along what you learn.
    Connect with us on Facebook or Twitter to get up-to-date information or ask us questions about PTSD and treatment. Subscribe to our email publications – PTSD Monthly Update, Clinician’s Trauma Update-Online, or PTSD Research Quarterly – and let others know they are free. Download and share this printable PDF to raise PTSD awareness .
  • Work together.
    Join our PTSD Awareness campaign! We have tips and materials to help you organize an event or share information about PTSD and effective treatments.

PTSD Awareness. You can make a difference.

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