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Sep 27, 2017| Uncategorized

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uSafeNH app was created to help sexual assault victims on campus in New Hampshire and is now expanding into a national app (uSafeUS) for all campuses.

The app features ways to prevent an assault, resources and options, along with access to the campus Title IX policy.

Features of the app:

Expect me – this feature will allow you to program your phone to alert a friend if it takes longer than your preset time to arrive at your destination.

Time to leave – This feature simulates an important call or text for you to use to out of uncomfortable situations.  It can be set and completely customized and works on any phone.

Angel Drink – this feature contains cocktail recipes that include the “angel drink”.  The recipe outlines steps your bartender can take to help you escape a situation

Bystander Bae – This feature contains a guide of options if you or a friend is a victim of sexual assault.  It helps you navigate the uSafeUS app and provides you with tools to safely leave an uncomfortable and potentially dangerous situation.


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