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Jan 04, 2022| Featured , News

A Letter from Our New Executive Director, Jennifer Poehlman

JANUARY 4, 2022

Dear Friend, 

I was honored to have been brought on to the team at the Center for Crime Victim Services in October of 2021. Having worked in various capacities serving victims for 30 years, I could not imagine a more perfect place for me to share my commitment and dedication as we work to develop a shared vision for supporting victims and survivors.

As we close out a particularly challenging year, and begin anew, the Center wants to acknowledge the tireless work of all the providers in our state who have gone above and beyond – creatively exploring ways to meet the complex needs of victims and survivors, as those needs are further compounded by the uncertainty and isolation caused by the pandemic.  Our hearts are inspired by your commitment, and by the voices of victims and survivors who find the courage to share their experiences, no matter the obstacles in their way.

In 2022, the Center is looking forward to being a valued partner in efforts across the state and the country as we collaborate to elevate the voices of victims and survivors, promoting policies and services that are trauma-informed and reflective of “justice” as defined by victims themselves.

Best wishes for a happy healthy 2022!

Executive Director, 

Jennifer H. Poehlmann, J.D.


Now in its 31st year, the Victims Compensation Program maintains a victim-centered and responsive approach to its work. Vermont is recognized as having one of the most innovative Compensation Programs in the nation. 

In FY2021 – 
Total number of new applications received – 344
Total number of payments to victim/survivors of crime – 858
Total amount paid – $374,289.87

Top 4 crime types paid: Domestic Violence: 224 payments; $93,960.43 total Assault: 122 payments; $88,075.78 total Homicide:  166 payments; $85,993.67 total  Child Sexual Abuse: 119 payments; $27,569.22 total “Thank you. Your involvement helped turn an ugly experience in VT to one where I feel VT is way ahead of another state in this area.” – Recipient of services 
Payments distributed to Crime Victims by the RU:
3568 Total Payments to Crime Victims
$686,294.57 Paid Out in Total
$65,220.17 Advanced to Victims from the Restitution Fund
$621,074.40 Paid to Victim Upon Collection

“Restitution payment is not only restorative for the victim, time and time again we see that the responsible party feels restored as well. Understanding the impact of the crime they caused and making amends is healing for all parties. People don’t want to be remembered for the worst thing they ever did in life.”  – Restitution Unit Manager
The Mend Podcast episodes were viewed 2,400 times!
Over 150 people received training from CCVS. 
Over 15 earned media mentions for current projects, developments and upcoming events!
The Vermont Virtual Victim Assistance Academy is under construction and will be released in the spring of 2022! Details to come. 

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The CCVS Grants Program works hard behind the scenes to make sure programming in Vermont can continue each year. Here is a sample of the work done in 2021! 23,837 crime victims were supported with the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA). 383 staff members in Victim Service Programs were supported with VOCA grant funds. 881 adults and children were provided emergency shelter for a total of 64,062 shelter nights with Family Violence Services and Prevention Act funding. (FVPSA) Supervised grant programming protected 137 children by providing a safe and neutral place for children to spend some time with their non-custodial parents. 1183 Children and 257 Adults who were victims of sexual assault and child abuse received investigative and wrap-around services in Vermont’s Special Investigative Units/Child Advocacy Centers.


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