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Our History

Courage in Bloom Garden Ceremony.Since its creation in 1991 the Center for Crime Victim Services (CCVS) provides compassionate, victim-centered services to victims of crime. CCVS collaborates with partners across the state to develop and support new programs. Our goal is that each program be:

  • innovative,
  • comprehensive,  
  • accessible to all crime victims,
  • respectful,
  • and compassionate.

We support services for victims and survivors whether or not the crime is reported or prosecuted.

We work with government, survivors, and communities to create laws that will help victims rebuild their lives.

Who We Help

Two men smiling at each other.We serve victims, survivors, and those who interact with victims and offenders.  We are here to provide, sustain, and support a collaborative system of direct services across Vermont. Our goal is to be comprehensive, victim-centered, trauma-informed, and accessible to all diverse populations.

We also work to hold offenders accountable for harm done to victims and communities.