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Two women speaking to another woman across a table.In 1986, the Vermont Legislature established the Vermont Victim Assistance Program (VAP) “to reduce the financial, emotional and physical consequences of criminal victimization, to prevent victimization by law enforcement and the criminal justice system and to assist victims with problems that result from their victimization.” Over thirty years later, the VAP serves every county in Vermont with twenty-seven State’s Attorneys victim advocates devoted to serving crime victims’ needs.

Today, the VAP empowers crime victims by helping them access the criminal justice system through empathy, support, information, resources, and referrals to community partners. Vermont’s Victim Advocates listen to and validate crime victims’ experiences, encourage personal agency and opportunities to be heard, and translate victims’ needs and expectations into meaningful criminal justice outcomes. By supporting hope and healing for crime victims, the Vermont Victim Assistance Program rebuilds trust, restores faith in the criminal justice system, and strengthens the communities it serves.

In addition to Advocates in the State's Attorneys offices in Vermont's 14 counties, there are Statewide Victim Advocates and Special Unit Victim Advocates.  If you are not sure who to contact, call our office and we'll help you find your advocate.