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Who We Are: 

The mission of the CCVS Crime Victim Advisory Group is to join with the Vermont Center for Crime Victim Services to provide guidance on systematic changes that will benefit other crime victims, contribute to the prevention of crime and violence, and to advance in the healing journey of survivors. 

This guidance includes feedback to victim-centered programs, training events, public outreach and education, and legislative advocacy efforts. Survivors have a critical role to play in Vermont's response to violence and victimization. Their guidance, knowledge, and experience should be at the center of our work in victim services. 


What Do Crime Victim Advisors Do? 

The CCVS Crime Victim Advisors are individuals with a wide range of experience, skills, and interests. Areas of interest within the group include: 

  • Community Outreach and Prevention
  • Legislative Advocacy and Education
  • Law Enforcement & First Responder Training
  • Focus Group Feedback on Victim/Survivor focused directives, policies, and forms
  • Offender Accountability Dialogue
  • Committee Participation for victim-centered committees and sub-committees


To learn more and contact the CCVS Crime Victim Advisory Group, submit your questions and requests to