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Statue of Lady Justice with Scales.The State of Vermont Restitution Unit was created by Vermont’s legislature on July 1, 2004 to help address the financial hardship caused to crime victims. The Restitution Unit enforces and collects court-ordered restitution and directs the offender payments to victims.

Revenue to the Restitution Special Fund is generated through a 15% surcharge on criminal and traffic fines. The Restitution Unit through their collection efforts, enforcement remedies and State tax refund offsets bring in approximately $1 million per year from offenders. There are times when restitution is temporarily uncollectible. This is because offenders are incarcerated, unemployed, or unable to be located.

The Vermont Model: A Victim-Centered Approach to Restitution is an article about Vermont's unique, victim-centered approach to restitution. Please note this document is from 2011 and some policies and guidelines have changed.