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Advance Payment:
A payment of restitution to a victim from the Restitution Special Fund made without regard to the offender’s payment.

A legal proceeding by which a case is brought before a higher court for review of the decision of a lower court


Change of Plea:

Deferred Sentence:


An individual who has been required to pay restitution under 13 V.S.A. § 7043

Listed Crime:
Listed crimes are the most serious, violent crimes which receive special attention in the criminal justice system, particularly in the area of victim rights. You can find Listed Crimes.

Motion for Post-Conviction Relief:

Money that is required to be paid by an offender to the Restitution Unit pursuant to 13 V.S.A. § 7043

Restitution Unit:

Restitution Special Fund:
The Crime Victims’ Restitution Fund established by 13 V.S.A. § 5363


A person that has incurred a “material loss” as defined in 13 V.S.A. §

Victim Advocate:

Wage Withholding: